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Drop select where multiple options can be selected at the same time.

The MIT License (MIT)
Copyright 2017-2021 Pablo Pizarro R. @ppizarror

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a
copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"),
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__all__ = [

    # Main Class

    # Constants

    # Type


import pygame

from pygame_menu.font import FontType
from pygame_menu.locals import POSITION_NORTHWEST, POSITION_SOUTHEAST
from pygame_menu.utils import assert_color, assert_vector, is_callable
from pygame_menu.widgets.widget.button import Button
from pygame_menu.widgets.widget.dropselect import DropSelect

from pygame_menu._types import Tuple, Union, List, Any, Optional, CallbackType, \
    ColorType, ColorInputType, Tuple2IntType, Tuple3IntType, PaddingType, \
    Tuple2NumberType, CursorInputType, NumberType, Literal, Callable


DropSelectMultipleSFormatType = Union[Literal[DROPSELECT_MULTIPLE_SFORMAT_TOTAL,
                                      Callable[[List[str]], str]]

# noinspection PyMissingOrEmptyDocstring
[docs]class DropSelectMultiple(DropSelect): """ Drop select multiple is a drop select which can select many options at the same time. This drops a vertical frame if requested. The items of the DropSelectMultiple are: .. code-block:: python items = [('Item1', a, b, c...), ('Item2', d, e, f...), ('Item3', g, h, i...)] The callbacks receive the current selected items (tuple) and the indices (tuple), where ``selected_item=widget.get_value()`` and ``selected_index=widget.get_index()``: .. code-block:: python onchange((selected_item, selected_index), **kwargs) onreturn((selected_item, selected_index), **kwargs) For example, if ``selected_index=[0, 2]`` then ``selected_item=[('Item1', a, b, c...), ('Item3', g, h, i...)]``. .. note:: DropSelectMultiple accepts the same transformations as :py:class:`pygame_menu.widgets.DropSelect`. :param title: Drop select title :param items: Items of the drop select :param dropselect_id: ID of the drop select :param default: Index(es) of default item(s) to display. If ``None`` no item is selected :param max_selected: Max items to be selected. If ``0`` there's no limit :param onchange: Callback when changing the drop select item :param onreturn: Callback when pressing return on the selected item :param onselect: Function when selecting the widget :param open_middle: If ``True`` the selection box is opened in the middle of the menu :param placeholder: Text shown if no option is selected yet :param placeholder_add_to_selection_box: If ``True`` adds the placeholder button to the selection box :param placeholder_selected: Text shown if option is selected. Accepts the formatted option from ``selection_placeholder_format`` :param scrollbar_color: Scrollbar color :param scrollbar_cursor: Cursor of the scrollbars if mouse is placed over. By default is ``None`` :param scrollbar_shadow: Indicate if a shadow is drawn on each scrollbar :param scrollbar_shadow_color: Color of the shadow of each scrollbar :param scrollbar_shadow_offset: Offset of the scrollbar shadow in px :param scrollbar_shadow_position: Position of the scrollbar shadow. See :py:mod:`pygame_menu.locals` :param scrollbar_slider_color: Color of the sliders :param scrollbar_slider_hover_color: Color of the slider if hovered or clicked :param scrollbar_slider_pad: Space between slider and scrollbars borders in px :param scrollbar_thick: Scrollbar thickness in px :param scrollbars: Scrollbar position. See :py:mod:`pygame_menu.locals` :param selection_box_arrow_color: Selection box arrow color :param selection_box_arrow_margin: Selection box arrow margin (left, right, vertical) in px :param selection_box_bgcolor: Selection box background color :param selection_box_border_color: Selection box border color :param selection_box_border_width: Selection box border width :param selection_box_height: Selection box height, counted as how many options are packed before showing scroll :param selection_box_inflate: Selection box inflate on x-axis and y-axis (x, y) in px :param selection_box_margin: Selection box on x-axis and y-axis (x, y) margin from title in px :param selection_box_text_margin: Selection box text margin (left) in px :param selection_box_width: Selection box width in px. If ``0`` compute automatically to fit placeholder :param selection_infinite: If ``True`` selection can rotate through bottom/top :param selection_option_active_bgcolor: Active option(s) background color; active options is the currently active (by user) :param selection_option_active_font_color: Active option(s) font color :param selection_option_border_color: Option border color :param selection_option_border_width: Option border width :param selection_option_cursor: Option cursor. If ``None`` use the same cursor as the widget :param selection_option_font: Option font. If ``None`` use the same font as the widget :param selection_option_font_color: Option font color :param selection_option_font_size: Option font size. If ``None`` use the 100% of the widget font size :param selection_option_padding: Selection padding. See padding styling :param selection_option_selected_bgcolor: Selected option(s) background color :param selection_option_selected_box: Draws a box in the selected option(s) :param selection_option_selected_box_border: Box border width in px :param selection_option_selected_box_color: Box color :param selection_option_selected_box_height: Height of the selection box relative to the options height :param selection_option_selected_box_margin: Option box margin (left, right, vertical) in px :param selection_option_selected_font_color: Selected option(s) font color :param selection_placeholder_format: Format of the string replaced in ``placeholder_selected``. Can be a predefined string type ("total", "comma-list", "hyphen-list", or any other string which will join the list) or a function that receives the list of selected items and returns a string :param kwargs: Optional keyword arguments """ _max_selected: int _placeholder_selected: str _selected_indices: List[int] _selection_option_active_bgcolor: ColorType _selection_option_active_font_color: ColorType _selection_option_selected_box: bool _selection_option_selected_box_color: ColorType _selection_option_selected_box_width: int _selection_placeholder_format: DropSelectMultipleSFormatType def __init__( self, title: Any, items: Union[List[Tuple[Any, ...]], List[str]], dropselect_id: str = '', default: Optional[Union[int, List[int]]] = None, max_selected: int = 0, onchange: CallbackType = None, onreturn: CallbackType = None, onselect: CallbackType = None, open_middle: bool = False, placeholder: str = 'Select an option', placeholder_add_to_selection_box: bool = True, placeholder_selected: str = '{0} selected', scrollbar_color: ColorInputType = (235, 235, 235), scrollbar_cursor: CursorInputType = None, scrollbar_shadow: bool = False, scrollbar_shadow_color: ColorInputType = (0, 0, 0), scrollbar_shadow_offset: int = 2, scrollbar_shadow_position: str = POSITION_NORTHWEST, scrollbar_slider_color: ColorInputType = (200, 200, 200), scrollbar_slider_hover_color: ColorInputType = (170, 170, 170), scrollbar_slider_pad: NumberType = 0, scrollbar_thick: int = 20, scrollbars: str = POSITION_SOUTHEAST, selection_box_arrow_color: ColorInputType = (150, 150, 150), selection_box_arrow_margin: Tuple3IntType = (5, 5, 0), selection_box_bgcolor: ColorInputType = (255, 255, 255), selection_box_border_color: ColorInputType = (150, 150, 150), selection_box_border_width: int = 1, selection_box_height: int = 3, selection_box_inflate: Tuple2IntType = (0, 0), selection_box_margin: Tuple2NumberType = (25, 0), selection_box_text_margin: int = 5, selection_box_width: int = 0, selection_infinite: bool = False, selection_option_active_bgcolor: ColorInputType = (188, 227, 244), selection_option_active_font_color: ColorInputType = (0, 0, 0), selection_option_border_color: ColorInputType = (220, 220, 220), selection_option_border_width: int = 1, selection_option_cursor: CursorInputType = None, selection_option_font: Optional[FontType] = None, selection_option_font_color: ColorInputType = (0, 0, 0), selection_option_font_size: Optional[int] = None, selection_option_padding: PaddingType = 5, selection_option_selected_bgcolor: ColorInputType = (142, 247, 141), selection_option_selected_box: bool = True, selection_option_selected_box_border: int = 1, selection_option_selected_box_color: ColorInputType = (150, 150, 150), selection_option_selected_box_height: float = 0.5, selection_option_selected_box_margin: Tuple3IntType = (0, 5, 0), selection_option_selected_font_color: ColorInputType = (0, 0, 0), selection_placeholder_format: DropSelectMultipleSFormatType = DROPSELECT_MULTIPLE_SFORMAT_TOTAL, *args, **kwargs ) -> None: super(DropSelectMultiple, self).__init__( dropselect_id=dropselect_id, items=items, onchange=onchange, onreturn=onreturn, onselect=onselect, open_middle=open_middle, placeholder=placeholder, placeholder_add_to_selection_box=placeholder_add_to_selection_box, scrollbar_color=scrollbar_color, scrollbar_cursor=scrollbar_cursor, scrollbar_shadow=scrollbar_shadow, scrollbar_shadow_color=scrollbar_shadow_color, scrollbar_shadow_offset=scrollbar_shadow_offset, scrollbar_shadow_position=scrollbar_shadow_position, scrollbar_slider_color=scrollbar_slider_color, scrollbar_slider_hover_color=scrollbar_slider_hover_color, scrollbar_slider_pad=scrollbar_slider_pad, scrollbar_thick=scrollbar_thick, scrollbars=scrollbars, selection_box_arrow_color=selection_box_arrow_color, selection_box_arrow_margin=selection_box_arrow_margin, selection_box_bgcolor=selection_box_bgcolor, selection_box_border_color=selection_box_border_color, selection_box_border_width=selection_box_border_width, selection_box_height=selection_box_height, selection_box_inflate=selection_box_inflate, selection_box_margin=selection_box_margin, selection_box_text_margin=selection_box_text_margin, selection_box_width=selection_box_width, selection_infinite=selection_infinite, selection_option_border_color=selection_option_border_color, selection_option_border_width=selection_option_border_width, selection_option_cursor=selection_option_cursor, selection_option_font=selection_option_font, selection_option_font_color=selection_option_font_color, selection_option_font_size=selection_option_font_size, selection_option_padding=selection_option_padding, selection_option_selected_bgcolor=selection_option_selected_bgcolor, selection_option_selected_font_color=selection_option_selected_font_color, title=title, **kwargs ) # Asserts assert isinstance(placeholder_selected, str) assert isinstance(selection_option_selected_box, bool) assert isinstance(selection_option_selected_box_border, int) and \ selection_option_selected_box_border > 0 assert_vector(selection_option_selected_box_margin, 3, int) assert isinstance(selection_option_selected_box_height, (int, float)) assert 0 < selection_option_selected_box_height <= 1, \ 'height factor must be between 0 and 1' assert isinstance(max_selected, int) and max_selected >= 0 # Configure parent self._args = args or [] self._close_on_apply = False self._max_selected = max_selected self._selection_option_left_space = True self._selection_option_left_space_height_factor = selection_option_selected_box_height self._selection_option_left_space_margin = selection_option_selected_box_margin # Set style self._placeholder_selected = placeholder_selected self._selection_option_active_bgcolor = assert_color(selection_option_active_bgcolor) self._selection_option_active_font_color = assert_color(selection_option_active_font_color) self._selection_option_selected_box = selection_option_selected_box self._selection_option_selected_box_color = assert_color(selection_option_selected_box_color) self._selection_option_selected_box_width = selection_option_selected_box_border self._selection_placeholder_format = selection_placeholder_format self.set_default_value(default)
[docs] def get_index(self) -> List[int]: """ Get selected index(es). :return: Selected index """ return self._selected_indices.copy()
def _render_option_string(self, text: str) -> 'pygame.Surface': color = self._selection_option_font_style['color'] if self.readonly or \ len(self._selected_indices) == 0 or \ self._max_selected != 0 and len(self._selected_indices) == self._max_selected: color = self._font_readonly_color text = text.replace('\t', ' ' * self._tab_size) return self._option_font.render(text, self._font_antialias, color) def _click_option(self, index: int, btn: 'Button') -> None: btn.set_attribute('ignore_scroll_to_widget') self.set_value(index) self._process_index() if self._index != -1: self.change(*self._items[self._index][1:]) if self._close_on_apply: = False if self._drop_frame is not None: self._drop_frame.hide() btn.remove_attribute('ignore_scroll_to_widget') def _apply_font(self) -> None: prev_selection_box_width = self._selection_box_width super(DropSelectMultiple, self)._apply_font() if prev_selection_box_width == 0: f1 = self._render_option_string(self._placeholder) f2 = self._render_option_string(self._placeholder_selected.format(999)) h = self._render_string(self._title, self.get_font_color_status()).get_height() self._selection_box_width = int(max(f1.get_width(), f2.get_width()) + self._selection_box_arrow_margin[0] + self._selection_box_arrow_margin[1] + h - h / 4 + 2 * self._selection_box_border_width) def _get_current_selected_text(self) -> str: if len(self._selected_indices) == 0: return self._placeholder # Apply selected format if self._selection_placeholder_format == DROPSELECT_MULTIPLE_SFORMAT_TOTAL: return self._placeholder_selected.format(len(self._selected_indices)) list_items = self._get_selected_items_list_str() if self._selection_placeholder_format == DROPSELECT_MULTIPLE_SFORMAT_LIST_COMMA: return self._placeholder_selected.format(','.join(list_items)) elif self._selection_placeholder_format == DROPSELECT_MULTIPLE_SFORMAT_LIST_HYPHEN: return self._placeholder_selected.format('-'.join(list_items)) elif isinstance(self._selection_placeholder_format, str): return self._placeholder_selected.format(self._selection_placeholder_format.join(list_items)) elif is_callable(self._selection_placeholder_format): try: o = self._selection_placeholder_format(list_items) except TypeError: raise ValueError('selection placeholder function receives only 1 ' 'argument (a list of the selected items string)' ' and must return a string') assert isinstance(o, str), \ 'output from selection placeholder format function must be a ' \ 'string (List[str]=>str), not {0} type ({1} returned)' \ ''.format(type(o), o) return self._placeholder_selected.format(o) else: raise ValueError('invalid selection placeholder format type') def _get_selected_items_list_str(self) -> List[str]: """ Return the selected items list of strings. :return: List string of selected items """ sel_items = [] for i in self._selected_indices: sel_items.append(self._items[i][0]) return sel_items
[docs] def get_value(self) -> Tuple[List[Union[Tuple[Any, ...], str]], List[int]]: selected_items = [] for j in self._selected_indices: selected_items.append(self._items[j]) return selected_items, self.get_index()
[docs] def get_total_selected(self) -> int: """ Return the total number of selected items. :return: Number of selected items """ return len(self._selected_indices)
[docs] def set_default_value(self, default: Optional[Union[int, List[int]]]) -> 'DropSelectMultiple': if default is None or default == -1: default = [] if isinstance(default, int): default = [default] for i in default: assert isinstance(i, int) and 0 <= i < len(self._items), \ 'each default index must be an integer between 0 and the number ' \ 'of elements ({0})' \ ''.format(len(self._items) - 1) self._default_value = default.copy() self._selected_indices = default.copy() if self._drop_frame is not None: self._drop_frame.set_menu(None) self._drop_frame = None = False self.render() return self
[docs] def update_items(self, items: Union[List[Tuple[Any, ...]], List[str]]) -> None: """ Update drop select multiple items. This method updates the current index, but removes the selected indices. .. note:: If the length of the list is different than the previous one, the new index of the select will be the ``-1``, that is, same as the unselected status. :param items: New drop select items; format ``[('Item1', a, b, c...), ('Item2', d, e, f...)]`` :return: None """ super(DropSelectMultiple, self).update_items(items) self._default_value = [] self._selected_indices = []
def _process_index(self) -> None: """ Process current index, add to selected or remove if present. :return: None """ if self._index == -1: return if self._index in self._selected_indices: self._selected_indices.remove(self._index) else: if self._max_selected == 0 or len(self._selected_indices) < self._max_selected: self._selected_indices.append(self._index) self._selected_indices.sort() else: self._sound.play_event_error() self._update_buttons()
[docs] def reset_value(self) -> 'DropSelectMultiple': self._index = -1 self._selected_indices = self._default_value.copy() self._update_buttons() self._render() return self
[docs] def value_changed(self) -> bool: if len(self._default_value) != len(self._selected_indices): return True for v in self._selected_indices: if v not in self._default_value: return True return False
[docs] def set_value(self, item: Union[str, int], process_index: bool = False) -> None: """ Set the current value of the widget, selecting the item that matches the text if ``item`` is a string, or the index if ``item`` is an integer. This method raises ``ValueError`` if no item found. For example, if widget item list is ``[['a', 0], ['b', 1], ['a', 2]]``: - *widget*.set_value('a') -> Widget selects the first item (index 0) - *widget*.set_value(2) -> Widget selects the third item (index 2) This method only changes the active index, for adding the new item to the selected indices set ``process_index=True``. .. note:: This method does not trigger any event (change). :param item: Item to select, can be a string or an integer :param process_index: Adds/Removes the index from the selected indices list :return: None """ assert isinstance(item, (str, int)), 'item must be a string or an integer' if isinstance(item, str): found = False for i in self._items: if i[0] == item: self._index = self._items.index(i) found = True break if not found: raise ValueError('no value "{}" found in drop select multiple' ''.format(item)) elif isinstance(item, int): assert -1 <= item < len(self._items), \ 'item index must be greater than zero and lower than the number ' \ 'of items on the drop select multiple' self._index = item if process_index: self._process_index() # Update options background selection self._update_buttons()
def _update_buttons(self) -> None: """ Update buttons. :return: None """ for b_ind_x in range(len(self._option_buttons)): btn = self._option_buttons[b_ind_x] if b_ind_x == self._index: btn.set_background_color(self._selection_option_active_bgcolor) btn.update_font({'color': self._selection_option_active_font_color}) btn.scroll_to_widget(scroll_parent=False) elif b_ind_x in self._selected_indices: btn.set_background_color(self._selection_option_selected_bgcolor) btn.update_font({'color': self._selection_option_font_style['color_selected']}) else: btn.set_background_color(self._selection_box_bgcolor) btn.update_font({'color': self._selection_option_font_style['color']}) deco = btn.get_decorator() if btn.has_attribute('deco_on'): if b_ind_x in self._selected_indices: deco.enable(btn.get_attribute('deco_on')) deco.disable(btn.get_attribute('deco_off')) else: deco.disable(btn.get_attribute('deco_on')) deco.enable(btn.get_attribute('deco_off')) def _make_selection_drop(self) -> 'DropSelectMultiple': super(DropSelectMultiple, self)._make_selection_drop() # Add button decorations for btn in self._option_buttons: deco = btn.get_decorator() total_height = btn.get_height(apply_padding=False) dh = btn.get_attribute('left_space_height') x, y = btn.get_position() off = deco.add_rectangle(x - dh - self._selection_option_left_space_margin[1], y + (total_height - dh) / 2, dh, dh, self._selection_option_selected_box_color, self._selection_option_selected_box_width, use_center_positioning=False) on = deco.add_rectangle(x - dh - self._selection_option_left_space_margin[1], y + (total_height - dh) / 2, dh, dh, self._selection_option_selected_box_color, use_center_positioning=False) deco.disable(on) btn.set_attribute('deco_on', on) btn.set_attribute('deco_off', off) return self
[docs] def apply(self, *args) -> Any: self._process_index() super(DropSelectMultiple, self).apply()
[docs] def change(self, *args) -> Any: super(DropSelectMultiple, self).change()